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About Me

I am Shobowale Olanrewaju Stanley, a fullstack web developer who studied and graduated at Globaltech World Computer Institute with a Diploma in Website Design and Development. I value my skills and how i have been able to help businesses and individuals grow and develop as well as solving problems with my skills.

It's wonderful how technology has taking over and how it has really helped and is helping the human race in terms of Health, Business and many more sectors. As a web developer, I intend to contribute to this cause by acting upon my innovative ideas and using my skill by create, build and deploy project and business solutions.

One of the things I like to promote is Digital Literacy especially amongst the youth. The Internet is full of Life-changing and Money-making oppotunities that can elevate the youth and make the World a better place. I imploy and believe that if teenagers and youths aquire digital skills and work together we can change the world and change our own lives while also making money off it. I believe we should all ask GOD for what we are passionate about.

I love to code and i am very passionate about programming and changing the world, wouldn't be surprised if I build the next big thing in Tech. My practice area are:










Google Search

What I Do

Front End Development

As a frontend developer I specialize in building the design, appearance, layout, and structure of websites. I work with languages like HTML, CSS, and Javascript to create websites and web applications. I work on both brand new websites or updating already existing sites with consideration of Brand identity.

Backend Development (PHP/Django)

As a Back end developer I write program which power the website’s server, databases, APIs and any application that it contains. I work with languages like Php, Python(Django), Mysql, PostgreSQL & Ajax to create, maintain and monitor the back-end, functionality and perfomance of websites.

Progressive Web Application (PWA)

Progressive Web Application is a stand-alone app that eliminates the need for a website and a separate Mobile Application. Progressive Web Apps allows what is built to be installed as an app on any device with a single codebase. PWAs provides unique opportunity to deliver a web experience your users will love.

Wordpress Website

I also specialize in building websites with WordPress CMS. Wordpress is a Conentent Management System used for building fast and easy-to-build webpages. I consider and make sure to use of the best Plugins, hosting service, Themes and manage website Security for good optimization.

Programming Skills

I posses adequate coding skills in the following:




Professional Skills


Team work


Project Management



97 %


95 %




96 %


87 %


89 %


  • Bootstrap
  • Stylus, Sass
  • Laravel
  • Django
  • GIT Knowledge

Let's work Together?

Do you want to build a website for your Business? Checkout the blog page for tips on Must-features on a website. I have built alots of projects that speaks for me. I am open to creating a website that you will be proud to own.